Funny Car Windshield Sunshades That Will Show Your Creativity

When the weather outside starts to get hot, it is smart to think about ways that you can keep things cool. You definitely do not want to have to drive in a car that feels as if it is a sauna inside. One smart way that you can keep the sun from heating up your car too much is to make use of a funny windshield sunshade. This will keep your car cooler while also protecting your interior so that the seats don’t crack.

If you want to buy a new sunshade for your car, then you may as well purchase one that fits in with your personality. There are actually many nice sunshades out there to choose from. Some of them are really funny and clever, making them a neat way to express yourself. Take a look at the following six examples of creative windshield sunshades.

Funny car windshield sun shade. Be creative while keeping the car cool.

Why Choose a Funny Sunshade for Your Car

You want a funny car sunshade because it is both practical and fun. This is a practical purchase that will help to make your driving time more enjoyable. You can avoid the overbearing heat of the sun by making proper use of the car sunshade when you are parked. Using a sunshade while you are going shopping will help your car to stay much more pleasant, making for a much more comfortable ride home.

The reason why you may want to look for a funny car shade in particular is simply that it is interesting. People like to be able to express their thoughts in many different ways. Some of these sunshades are simply going to have funny characters on them and others may be clever in other ways. Buying one of these that fits in with your personality just makes sense.

6 Examples of Funny Windshield Sunshades

There are so many of these on the market to choose from too. I am simply showcasing six of the options that you will want to consider. There are going to be many other interesting ones out there as well but the ones that I am highlighting below stand out to me. Look them over and see if one of them pops out at you.

1. Rick and Morty Spaceship Car Wind Sunshade

If you are a fan of funny cartoons that are geared toward an adult audience, then you have likely heard of Rick and Morty. It has become astoundingly popular over the last several years and many people have fallen in love with the show. The exploits of Rick and Morty are always hilarious and many episodes of the show even have a greater context to them beneath the surface. If you count yourself among the many fans of Rick and Morty, then this funny car sunshade is going to appeal to you.

Rick and Morty Spaceship Car Window Sun Shade - Licensed Pop Culture TV Merchandise - Windshield Visor and Shield - Novelty Automotive Accessories - Standard Size UV Blocker - Geeky Funny Memorabilia

This car sunshade is going to make it look as if Rick, Morty, Summer, and various aliens are inside of your car. It is reminiscent of the opening of the cartoon and is sure to elicit laughs from people who walk by your car. This is a great sunshade that looks phenomenal and is a lot of fun. If you are a fan of the show and want to make use of a silly sunshade that showcases your fandom, then going with this one is highly recommended.

You will also see that this is a fully licensed product. It is designed to have a universal fit too so it will fit most cars, trucks, and vans. You can easily fold this sunshade up to store it away as well. It will work great to protect your car from UV rays and will keep it much cooler.

Main Features:

  • Is a fully licensed Rick and Morty product
  • Will fit most cars, trucks, and vans
  • Folds up easily
  • Protects car from UV rays
  • Keeps your car interior cool

2. 2 Dogs Auto Sun Shade for Car SUV Truck

Animal lovers may want to consider giving this neat little car sunshade a look. If you love dogs, then you might think that this one is a good fit for you. This funny car sunshade is designed to make it look as if there are dogs behind the wheel of your car. There is a dog in the driver’s seat and a dog in the passenger’s seat.

BDK AS-766 2 Dogs Driving Front Windshield Shade-Accordion Folding Auto Sunshade for Car Truck SUV-Blocks UV Rays Sun Visor Protector-Keeps Your Vehicle Cool-58 x 28 Inch

This is a large sunshade that is going to work very well for people who are driving SUVs or trucks. It will fit most cars as well but it is worth noting that this is a bit larger than some sunshades on the market. It will work to protect your vehicle interior from the sun in order to keep it cooler. The sunshade also protects your car interior from the harmful impact of UV rays, allowing your interior to stay nice for longer periods of time.

It also has a reversible design with dogs on one side and foil on the other. This funny sun shade folds up very simply in an accordion style. It includes a velcro strap as well, making it simpler to store the sunshade when it is not in use. Overall, this is a high-quality sun shade that will bring a smile to your face.

Main Features:

  • Features funny dog design
  • Keeps your car cool
  • Fits SUVs and trucks perfectly due to very large size
  • Folds easily and comes with velcro strap
  • Has reversible design with dogs on one side and foil on the other

3. Plasticolor 003700R01 Star Wars Accordion Sun Shade

Star Wars is certainly one of the biggest entertainment franchises of all time. The popularity of this beloved science fiction space epic cannot be denied. If you love Star Wars, then this funny sunshade design is definitely going to appeal to you. You can make it look as if Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, and Obi Wan Kenobi are behind the wheel of your car.

Plasticolor 003700R01 Star Wars Accordion Sunshade

Transforming your car, truck, or SUV into the Millennium Falcon certainly sounds as if it would be a lot of fun. This is a scene taken straight from A New Hope and any Star Wars fan is going to appreciate it. This is funny because the idea of Chewbacca fitting into your car is enough to make most people smirk. The sunshade looks really good and it also functions quite well.

This is made to be a universal fit so it should fit inside of most vehicles. It is an officially licensed product too so you do not have to worry about supporting something that is a bootleg. The sunshade is designed to fold up in an accordion fashion and it also comes with an elastic strap for your convenience. This is a great sunshade that is going to make many people happy.

Main Features:

  • Features universal fit and measures in at 0.25”W x 57”D x 28”H
  • Designed to fold up accordion-style
  • Comes with an elastic strap to keep it folded
  • Keeps your car cool and protected
  • Is an officially licensed Star Wars product

4. Unique Car Windshield Sun Shade Grumpy Cat

People who go on the Internet regularly are likely familiar with the grumpy cat memes that have become so prevalent. This cat looks as if he or she could care less about what is going on and many people find it to be hilarious. If you consider yourself to be a bit on the grumpy side, then this might be a good fit for your vehicle. You may want to consider this one even if you simply think that the cat is funny or cute.

Unique Car Windshield Sun Shade that Keeps You Feeling Cool and Looking Fresh | Grumpy Cat Retractable & Folding Custom Sunshade for Car Blinds with Extra UV Protection. Width51''/Height23''

Aside from just having the cat design, this funny sunshade also has a warning about the owner of the car being grumpy. It is a funny sunshade that will appeal to people who have a little fun and express themselves. It looks really good and the design is definitely eye-catching. If you want a solid sunshade that is also quite playful, then this one fits the bill.

This is designed to work really well to keep your car protected and cool too. This is retractable and it is actually pretty easy to store when it is not in use. It will be a reliable product that can keep your car feeling a lot more comfortable on scorching hot days. Consider purchasing this one if the design is to your liking.

Main Features:

  • Has fun grumpy cat design
  • Is very easy to place in windshield
  • Stores easily when not in use
  • Does a good job of protecting car interior and keeping it cool
  • Fits most vehicles

5. Golden Girls Windshield Sun Shade Visor

The television series the Golden Girls has started to become even more popular in modern times. Some people enjoy the television show ironically and others simply think that the exploits of four older ladies really are that interesting. If you count yourself among the millions of Golden Girls fans, then you’re going to love this funny sunshade. It is going to allow you to make it look as if the ladies are behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Golden Girls Windshield Sun Shade Visor - Pop Culture Novelty Car Accessory

This sunshade features all four of the ladies from the show. Dorothy is in the driver’s seat and her mother Sophia is in the passenger’s seat. Both Blanche and Rose are in the backseat of the picture. The picture looks really vibrant and this is definitely going to make people laugh. Anyone who sees this sunshade will get a kick out of it so it is well worth your consideration.

You will find that this is a very premium product too. It is made out of dense vinyl and works well to block out harmful UV rays. The sunshade can fit most cars and trucks as well. You won’t have any trouble collapsing this and tucking it away when it is not in use either.

Main Features:

  • Boasts hilarious Golden Girls design
  • Made from dense vinyl
  • Blocks out harmful UV rays and keeps your vehicle cool
  • Fits most cars and trucks
  • Collapses and stores very easily

6. DiDaDi Car Windshield Sun Shade with Cartoon Panda Eye

This car sunshade is going to give you another unique and funny design to consider. If you want something that is a bit more subdued but still funny, then this should work out nicely. This product has different cartoon eyes and there are actually two different options to consider. You can pick the cartoon panda eye or the emoji cartoon eyes.

DiDaDi Car Sun Shade Windshield Sunshade Cover Cute Cartoon Eyes Sunshades UV Protector Novelty Visor Foldable shield for SUV Auto Vehicle baby kids window (59"x33")

Both of the designs look nice and this should work out well if you want something that is tame but still funny. Most people find these designs to be cute and you likely will too. This is actually a very practical sunshade to use as well. It works just as you would think that it should and it keeps your car protected nicely.

It is designed to have a universal fit, meaning that it will fit most vehicles. You can pop this car sunshade up quickly too so it will be very easy to use when you are going out shopping and are in a hurry. It stores easily as well and even comes with a convenient storage bag.

Main Features:

  • Has a universal fit
  • Is easy to pop up
  • Protects car interior from UV damage
  • Keeps your car cooler
  • Comes with a convenient storage bag

In Conclusion

All of the above options are really good and you cannot go wrong with any of them. If you have been wanting to buy a sunshade for practical reasons, then you may as well have some fun. These sunshades will have people in the parking lot laughing and they will bring you a lot of joy. Expressing your personality is great and these interesting sunshades allow you to do just that.

Take the time to peruse all of the available options. One of these is surely going to appeal to your sensibilities. You will be able to enjoy keeping your car cool while also knowing that your car looks great. Don’t wait to buy a funny car sunshade if you are in need.




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