How Much Does It Cost to Install Underglow?

Underglow lights are popular amongst motor enthusiasts seeking to make their cars stand out. They’re typically neon-colored and shine brightly from underneath a vehicle. However, many people wonder about the costs involved in getting Underglow for a car.

Underglow can cost as little as $50 and as much as $600 or more. DIY Underglow kits are available online for cheap, but installing these kits is challenging without the necessary experience. Paying a mechanic to install the Underglow adds at least $150 to the total cost.

In this article, I’ll provide an in-depth look into the costs involved in getting Underglow for your car. I’ll explore the installation costs, how long your Underglow will last, and other important factors you need to consider before investing in Underglow for your vehicle.

Putting Underglow lights on a car.

The Cost of Installing Underglow Lights

When you’re putting Underglow lights on your car, you have two choices for installation. You can either install the lights yourself and risk a poor finish, or you can hire a professional to install the Underglow. But how much will it cost you to hire a mechanic to install Underglow lights?

It’ll cost as much as $350-$650 or more to install Underglow. The exact amount ultimately depends on the price of the Underglow you choose plus the costs to hire an expert for the installation. Mechanics’ hourly rates vary depending on location, but expect to pay at least $100 per hour of work.

The average hourly rate for a mechanic in the US is about $100. Although in more expensive states like California, you can pay up to $300 an hour for a garage to work on your car. It’ll take a competent mechanic two or three hours for most Underglow installations.

Therefore, the cost of labor for your Underglow installation ranges from $300 to $900 and perhaps higher, depending on your location.

Can You Install Underglow as a DIY Job?

Hiring an expert to install Underglow on your car is often an expensive affair. It’s not unheard of to pay a few hundred dollars in most places to hire a mechanic, Not to mention, you need to pay for the materials, also. For this reason, you may be eager to find a way to avoid hiring an expert and taking on the job yourself.

You can install Underglow as a DIY job provided you have the correct equipment and knowledge. You can purchase an Underglow kit for as little as $50 online, yet it’s worth noting that many DIY Underglow projects don’t last as long as professionally installed kits.

Installing Underglow as a DIY project requires a specific skill, knowledge, and experience. The right tools and wiring are also required to properly and safely connect the lights to the car’s power. Plus, you’ll need to securely fasten the bulbs underneath the vehicle to protect them from getting damaged easily.

For an easy DIY Underglow installation, choose strips of LEDs that are convenient to attach. This form of lighting is bright, efficient, and inexpensive. However, LED lights such as Underglow typically do not last very long and produce inferior results to professionally installed bulbs.

One great DIY Underglow kit to consider is the Xprite Car Underglow Strip Lights (available on Amazon). It’s an affordable and easy-to-install kit that allows you to adjust between 8 colors on a remote. Plus, the LEDs inside the strips don’t drain your battery in your car! The kit also has an adhesive strip that sticks to your vehicle in as little as 5 minutes, making the DIY installation very straightforward.

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How Long Will Underglow Last After Installation?

If you plan on investing in high-quality Underglow lighting for your vehicle, you’ll want to be sure to get your money’s worth.

Your Underglow will last for 15 years after installation, provided they’re professionally installed and don’t break. Neon lights are the most common variety of Underglow lights and typically last for 10,000 hours of use, which is over a decade for most Underglow kits.

The second most common form of Underglow lighting is LED lights. However, LEDs don’t last as long as neon bulbs in Underglow. Typically, LED Underglow kits may last between a few months to a year or two. The actual time you get from these depends on road conditions, the quality of the equipment, and how it was installed.

Is Underglow Illegal in the US?

Underglow lights are stylish and make a car stand out. However, there are some drawbacks to Underglow lights, depending on where you live. Different counties and states have different traffic laws that restrict the use of certain lights on a vehicle that’s driven on the roads.

Underglow is not illegal in most states in the US. However, flashing Underglow lights or blue and red Underglow lights are outlawed in many parts of the country. This is because flashing blue and red lights could be mistaken as the lights coming from emergency vehicles.

Even if flashing Underglow lights are permitted in your area, it’s often a wise choice to avoid them. Especially if you frequently travel outside these limitations, having Underglow lights could lead to issues with law enforcement.

If you’re considering adding Underglow to your car, research the traffic laws for your specific state/ county before installation and avoid installing any red, blue, or flashing lights to prevent hassles.

Final Thoughts

Underglow lights are a fantastic way of providing your vehicle with the extra finishing touches to help you stand out from the crowd. However, hiring an expert to install high-quality Underglow lights will cost you at least a few hundred dollars, depending on where you live.

You can choose to install your Underglow as a DIY project, yet this job can be tricky. It’s easier if you opt for a stick-on Underglow kit –which is the cheapest option available– but it’s unlikely to last for very long. As a result, paying for a professional installation could save you money in the long run.




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