Best Pedal Jacks in 2023: Lock the Pedals and Keep Your Car Safe

Efficient anti-theft devices are becoming more popular and accessible. Today you can buy different types of steering wheel locks or tire locks. However, the most effective ones are the pedal jacks, which block the clutch or brake pedals into place.

I know it can be really confusing to decide which pedal jack is best for you or which one is the finest on the market.

Let’s have a look at the 5 best ones for any need and budget!

Best pedal jack for your car.

Features That Pedal Jack Should Have

But first, let’s have a look at the features you should be looking at when buying the best pedal jacks for your car. Especially if you are a first-time buyer of anti-theft devices, the number of characteristics and technicalities can be very confusing. Now we will have a look at the simple but essential features your pedal jack should have.


If you are using your car daily or multiple times, you will know that convenience is the main feature you should be looking at. If you have the strongest and most secure pedal jack that takes 15 minutes to be mounted, you will hardly ever use it. At least this was my problem!

Being able to install the car lock in a few seconds when you are late for work will take the safety of your vehicle off your mind during your shift!

Easy to Set Up and Use

Until I almost had my car stolen, I didn’t know anything about efficient anti-theft devices. Therefore, it is important that anybody, even the first-time buyer, feels comfortable setting the device up and lock it quickly. Moreover, you will be looking at a device that is easy to carry with you in the car, without taking up too much space.

Make sure the device fits your car’s pedals perfectly so you can avoid extra struggles!

Materials and Colors

This is the tricky part as, if you are not an expert on anti-theft devices, you will have to remember a couple of names. Usually, pedal jacks are made of tough but lightweight reinforced stainless steel. This material is resistant to bending or sawing as well as hammering. It also doesn’t get weaker in really cold temperatures and presents rubber handles for easier use.

Moreover, make sure that you pick a nice and bright color (red or yellow)! This will act as a deterrent for any potential thieves!

Best Pedal Jacks on the Market (2023)

While this list is not comprehensive of the hundreds of models on the market, I handpicked the ones that are more resistant and easier to use. These devices are also easily accessible and present good value for money. You will be able to install them to your car’s pedals in no time and see the benefits immediately.

1. Unelko Anti-Theft Device Pedal Jack Brake Lock Security System

This Unelko device has everything you are looking for in a pedal jack. It is extremely resistant, easy to use and set up, and comes in bright colors. While this car lock has been on the market for a few years already, it has never failed any driver!

Unelko Anti-Theft Device Pedal Jack Brake Lock Security System


The way this device works is by locking your brake pedal into a pressed position. This makes it impossible to either drive or stop the car. While customers’ reviews have proven the efficiency of this Unelko tool, remember to adjust it to your car’s pedal sizes before starting to use it. Otherwise, its efficiency cannot be guaranteed.

This product is the ultimate device for anybody trying to avoid the hassle of setting up a complicated car lock. It comes with a bright-colored key that locks and unlocks the jack in seconds. It can be stored under the seat and does not take up much space. It weighs just over 4 pounds, and it’s 24 inches long. This makes it incredibly easy to maneuver.

Unelko pedal jack offers the highest level of security for your car. This device is built with electrically heat-treated tempered steel for heavy-duty, which resists to sawing, hammering, or bending. Moreover, it comes with 3 keys that are not duplicable or easy to be cloned.

This device also fits any car’s pedals if adjusted. Remember to set it up, so it pushes the pedals down almost completely for the highest level of security.

The Features to Remember

  • Easy to use
  • Weights just over 4 pounds
  • Comes in bright color and with 2 spare keys
  • Can be mounted on any car
  • Offers the highest level of safety for your car

2. The Club CL606 Brake Lock Vehicle Anti-Theft Device

The Club is one of the best-known devices on the market, and it has been in production for years. It has always guaranteed the best security of vehicles, and it is definitely a safe investment. It can be attached to both clutch and brake, and it is adaptable to any vehicle.

The Club CL606 Brake Lock Vehicle Anti-Theft Device


This device works similarly to the Unleko one but can be attached to the steering wheel. It weighs just over 4.30 pounds, and it’s 28 inches long. Being longer but maintaining the same weight of other devices, The Club is incredibly visible and offers extra protection. It can be a great visible deterrent for potential thieves.

To guarantee extra security for your car, The Club uses a patented self-lock technology when in place. So, you will not need to go back to your car and double-check the lock!

With the multiple keys that come with it, this pedal jack is super easy to unlock, as it only takes seconds to remove it.

It comes in bright red or Navy blue. While the second one might be more discreet when not in place, it might also be less efficient as a deterrent. You won’t have your car stolen, but a thief can still damage it by trying to break in if not aware of the device in place.

This tool has a universal attachment and can be fitted in most models of cars, trucks, and vans. Moreover, it works perfectly on different sized pedals and in automatic vehicles.

The Features to Remember

  • Bright colored, perfect as a visible deterrent
  • Excellent value for money
  • Extremely easy to use and set up
  • Self-lock technology for your peace of mind
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Fits most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs

3. Motorhot New Adjustable Brake Clutch Pedal Clamp Lock High-Security Vehicle Anti-Theft Device

This iron-made device weighs just 2 kg and fits most models of cars. It comes in black or dark blue colors, and it can be a discreet option to be carried around easily. If you, like me, tend to lose your keys, this device comes with two spare ones!

Motorhot New Adjustable Brake Clutch Pedal Clamp Lock High Security Vehicle Anti-Theft Device


This pedal jack is for you if you are more expert in terms of anti-theft devices. It is adjustable to fit most models of vehicles but doesn’t come with instructions. It is not as easy to use at first, but once you’ve mastered this skill, it offers the highest protection to your car.

This tool is able to block both the brake and the clutch pedals at once when fitted properly, which guarantees that thieves won’t be going far in your car! It is adjustable and incredibly lightweight, but you will need some practice to be able to attach it properly.

Moreover, remember that if your car is automatic, it won’t have the clutch pedal. In this case, you will not be able to insert this anti-theft device properly. While reviews mention that it can be done, the level of security offered is reduced as the brake pedal will be left looser.

This device is also best used if you are planning to leave your car parked for an extended period of time. As mentioned, it takes practice to insert this model properly. Therefore, it is recommended for long parking periods, such as airports or if you leave for the holidays.

The Features to Remember

  • Lightweight
  • Takes practice to attach it properly to your break, but it is efficient
  • Best used if you wish to leave your car parked for a prolonged period of time
  • By blocking both the clutch and the brake pedals, it offers the highest level of security
  • It offers the highest value for money on the market.

4. Vechkom Anti-Theft Clutch Claw Lock Stainless Steel Retractable Pedal Lock Security Locks for Cars Van

The benefits of this tool are all in the design! While slightly heavier than the other options, this sleek device fits all cars and represents a nice accessory for your vehicle.

Moreover, the modern manufacturing process guarantees a different but incredible level of security!

Vechkom Anti-Theft Clutch Claw Lock Stainless Steel Retractable Pedal Lock Security Locks for Cars Vans


Let’s have a look at the design features that make this model unique!

The Vechkom device’s core is made of copper. While this represents a change from the standard reinforced steel of which the other models are made of, it is immune to rusting and breaking. This makes it a more powerful anti-theft tool.

This device presents a multi-stage locking system, perfectioned through the insertion of a high-quality carbon bar in the center. This allows for extreme adaptability to the pedals of most car models, while it guarantees the durability of the bar.

Many users have reported a difficulty in handling other models due to the lack of a proper handle. This model is coated in soft fixed rubber for easier use. Moreover, if you would like your device to avoid scratching the pedals, this Vechkom jack has a non-slip flexible cover that protects your car from scratches or hits. 

This helped me when I accidentally hit the door of my car with this device! Not a scratch!

The device’s core is made of alloy, which is impassible to saw, smash, or drill into. 

The keys provided with this tool are computer-controlled and cannot be cloned. They are made in alloy steel as well.

So, we know it is a cool device, but are you still worried it won’t offer a good protection for your car? It has a low reopening speed, and it is impossible to unlock without the key.

The Features to Remember

  • Great design
  • Made in copper and alloy and impossible to break
  • Easy to handle due to its rubbery cover
  • Protects your pedals from being scratched
  • Immune to rusting

5. Yaetek 9 Holes Brake Pedal Lock Security Car Auto Stainless-Steel Clutch Lock Anti-Theft Device

By far one of the most affordable options on the market, this device’s strength is that it can be adapted to any vehicle. It has 9 adjusting holes and can be transferred from your truck to your Mini Cooper. Let’s have a look at what it looks like!

Yaetek 9 Holes Brake Pedal Lock Security Car Auto Stainless Steel Clutch Lock Anti-Theft Device


This model’s U-shaped design is extremely simple, making it easier for first-time buyers to use. It is taller than most anti-theft devices on the market and with its adjusting holes can fit any sort of vehicle. It is made of reinforced stainless steel and resists sawing or hammering.

Being incredibly easy to use, this product is recommended for daily use. It is perfect for when you park your car in the busy shopping center parking lot as well as when you have to leave your car to go to work. It only takes 3 minutes to be secured on, then you can leave relaxed that nobody is going to steal your car!

Moreover, it is perfect if you often switch from a vehicle to another during your daily activities. It can be moved across, and it is easy to adjust to the new fitting. 

The lock and key design are easy to understand and come with instructions and two spare keys. So, you can just start using it straight away!

The Features to Remember

  • It is the most affordable model on the market
  • Guarantees high levels of security
  • Anybody can use it easily
  • Can be adapted to most car models
  • It’s perfect to be used daily

Get Ready to Buy the Perfect Pedal Jack

Now let’s have a look at how to buy your pedal jack, when to use it, and what are the alternatives.

Where to Find the Best Devices

Any Walmart or shopping mall will have a section dedicated to these devices, as they are becoming always more important. Shopping online will give you more options and models to choose among. However, it is incredibly important that the model you pick fits your car.

For this, you should make sure you can send the product back at no extra cost if needed or be able to return it and buy a different one. is the best website to have the option of returning a product for free. 

When Do You Need to Use A Pedal Jack?

Pedal jacks are super easy to use, so you should install them anytime you can. This improves the level of security of your car. While it is strongly recommended for when your car is parked for a long time, you can use them in malls’ parking lots, overnight stays, or unguarded spaces.

Often this comes down to where you feel safe or not. If you are parking in an unknown area, buy a simple device to use and secure your car anytime you can!


There aren’t many cons to pedal jacks, apart from having to choose one that really fits your car. However, there are other options if you don’t feel comfortable with them:

  • Steering wheel locks are by far the most common option, and there are hundreds of models on the market. They are just as easy to use as pedal jacks and easy to adjust.
  • Alternatively, tire locks clam around your wheels, and they are a super-efficient visible deterrent. This is due to these devices being manufactured in bright colors and attached externally to your car. Thieves will be able to see immediately that your car is protected. However, they are more complicated to use, and they need to fit your car perfectly.

In Conclusion

Pedal jacks are incredibly easy-to-use devices that will save your car from any stealing attempt. Any first-time buyer can use them with great results. 

There are models to fit any of your vehicles on the market and come in different products and designs. While they are becoming increasingly accessible, make sure to buy one that you feel comfortable with, as you will be using it often.

Have you been using any of these devices? Have you been struggling with any of the instructions? Would you like to recommend any new product? Let us know by leaving a comment below!




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