Does Discount Tires Do Wheel Alignments?

Discount Tires are one of the largest independent tire and wheel retailers with over 900 stores. Yet, do they do tire alignments?

Discount Tires doesn’t do wheel alignments in any of their shops. Instead, they offer quick and accessible services for any other related issues to help prolong the life of your tires.

Keep reading to learn why Discount Tires doesn’t do alignments and which services they do offer. I’ll also explain the importance of wheel alignments and signs that your tires are in need of alignment.

Discount Tires are one of the largest independent tire and wheel retailers.

Why Discount Tires Doesn’t Do Alignments

Discount Tires doesn’t do alignments on your vehicle because they do not have the tools or capability to perform tire alignments at this time.

However, they will give you information about how alignment settings can affect your tires. Fortunately, they commit to maintaining relationships with local alignment and auto repair shops.

You can get a single wheel alignment for as little as $75 at a local repair shop or a warranty for just over $200.

What Services Does Discount Tires Provide?

Discount Tires provide several services to help increase the life of your tires and keep you safe on the road. They do perform the following services across all their stores nationally:

  • Tire inspections
  • Flat repair
  • Pressure Checks
  • Heat Cycling
  • WInter Changeover
  • Road force balancing
  • TPMS services

For a list of all services Discount Tires offer, click here.

Unfortunately, the one service they don’t offer is tire alignment. Instead, Discount Tires focuses on providing world-class service and affordable prices for tires and wheels.

Signs That Your Tires Need Aligning

If your tires need aligning, you’ll start to notice small changes in the ways your car performs. Just using your senses, you should be able to spot when something is wrong or unusual about your vehicle. Some common signs of poor tire alignment include:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Steering wheel being crooked while you drive straight
  • The vehicle pulls to one side
  • Tires that squeal
  • Rim repair

If you notice some of these symptoms, schedule a tire check immediately.

Importance of Wheel Alignments

Tire alignment makes sure your wheels are performing at their maximum potential. However, driving every day can cause natural wear and tear, eventually leading to poor alignment and damage to your car.

It’s recommended to check your alignments every six months or any time your suspension takes a hit; this could be as simple as hitting the curb or driving through a pothole.

Here are some reasons why wheel alignment is so important:

Resistance in Your Tires

Incorrect alignment in your vehicle will cause your car to work harder than it needs to; there’s a significant increase in resistance between the road and your tire. As the more resistance on each tire, the wear on the tread will become worn down and uneven. It’s hazardous to drive on uneven tires.

The Efficiency of Your Car

Having poor wheel alignment can cause a decrease in fuel efficiency. With gas prices already hitting a record high, it’s important to keep your alignments in the correct position, or you could be spending money on more than just extra gas.

Comfort While Driving

If your wheels are poorly aligned, it may cause a slight discomfort while driving. You may feel an increased vibration on your steering wheel, and your vehicle could also produce more noise if the treads are uneven. If the comfort levels of your car decrease, it’s usually because of poor alignment.

Can You Perform a Wheel Alignment at Home?

You can complete a tire alignment at home, but you must have the right tools and some experience before attempting to do so. Keep in mind, however, you won’t be getting the same accuracy as professional measuring tools.

Still, if you want to save some money and extend the life of your tires, it’s entirely possible to do a wheel alignment in your own backyard.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, Discount Tires does not perform wheel alignments due to their lack of tools or capability, but they can perform various other services to your tires:

  • Flat Repair
  • Tire Inspections
  • Pressure checks

Discount Tires offer great advice for those looking for a tire alignment and have local links to services.

Check your alignments every six months or if your suspension takes a hit, use your senses to feel if anything is wrong, making sure your tires will wear evenly. Proper tire alignment helps increase your tire life and makes your vehicle more efficient, comfortable, and safer.




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