The Best Car Interior Color Combinations

Have you ever considered what kind of interior you should choose if you want your car to look clean and keep the fresh appearance at all times? With so many colors and materials available, finding the right combination might be harder than you think. Sure, beige leather seats and velvet carpets look great, but will you be able to keep them clean?

Attractive appearance is just one thing to consider with the car interior. Other important factors are practicality, easy maintenance and durability. Choosing a right balance of these attributes will help keep your car fresh for a longer time and it will make cleaning easier. Not only this article will explain the pros and cons of various combinations, but you will also learn about the best ways to keep your car clean.

The best car interior color combinations.

What Are the Best Materials for the Interior?

As you may already know, there are several types of materials used for car upholstery. For the dashboard and most trimmings, the plastic is the most common choice. However, seats and door cards come in different materials.

Fabric Material

Fabric is the most common material you will find inside most cars, which has several upsides. For starts, it is affordable, easy to work with, and very adaptable. Also, depending on the exact type of fabric used, it can be very rugged and withstand harsh conditions. Therefore, you will find an upholstery like this in base models or various commercial and utility vehicles.

Still, the fabric can even come in a more upscale flavor, such as velvet or plush. Not only that such seats look better, but they also feel softer and more comfortable. On the downside, seats with fabric covers get dirty easier and require more frequent cleaning. And if you spill water or soda on them, especially when dirty, it will leave a noticeable stain that might be hard to remove.

Leather Material

Other option, which you will find in better equipped models or more expensive makes, is leather upholstery. For decades, manufacturers used the finest parts of animal skins to dress up the seats in their top models. Nowadays, some of them switched to artificial materials that use fabric and imitation leather finish. Although being fake leather, these materials have very similar properties as a genuine one. In most cases, leather seats are an expensive extra cost option, which makes them a symbol of luxury and comfort.

However, the posh look is not the only upside this material has to offer. Cleaning leather seats is much easier than cleaning ones covered with fabric, as dust and dirt stay on top of it. In most cases, all you need is a towel and some water. This also means that you need not worry about water stains or similar mishaps. However, even leather seats have some weak points. If living in a very hot or cold climate, you could find sitting on your seats less than pleasant. In addition, leather seats can require some special care products and treatments, which come at a cost.

Bright car interior.

What Colors Should I Choose?

We will start with colors and what effects they have in different environments.

Bright Colors

Bright colors, such as beige or various light shades, will make the interior of your car appear more spacious and cheerful. Not only that, but it will also give it a soft appearance with an elegant touch. When this comes combined with bright colored dashboard and door trims, it will make thin layers of dust less visible. This will be a useful feature if you live in a dusty environment.

The downside with bright upholstery is that it gets dirty easier and it is more prone to stains. With all this in mind, you may know that bright colors are best suitable for clean environments, where there is no much mud and dirt.

Dark Colors

On the other hand, if your car has interior in black color or in various dark shades, it may look dull. You can still improve this by adding various lively colored details will bring up the overall appearance. With red, yellow or similar bright accents, it can even give it a sporty appearance. Even when buying a used car where choose the interior isn’t an option, you can still get various aftermarket trims that will make it look more luxurious or dynamic.

The main upside with a dark-colored interior is that it is much easier to keep clean, especially if you choose a rugged and durable material. Still, make sure to clean it frequent enough, as this will prevent dust and dirt from going deep beneath the fabric. Also, black plastic trims are more prone to damage caused by sun rays. If you live in a hot climate, use special products to protect the dashboard and other trims so they don’t crack with time.  

How Can I Keep the Interior Clean for a Long Time?

Keeping the interior of your car clean is easy and not that different from cleaning the house. Still, there are several important steps that would ensure the best results. As we assume that your car is very dirty and neglected, the following instructions will contain all steps.

Start by taking out everything, such as bags, umbrellas or child seats, from the inside and the trunk of your car. Also, remove all floor carpets and covers. If they are made from rubber, you can wash them with water and detergent. This can be a good moment to see if any of these things are unnecessary.

Next, use a vacuum cleaner and a suitable extension to remove dust and dirt from the seats, carpets, and door covers. Pay special attention to hard to reach areas, like under the seats. If your car is very dirty, you may need to go over some spots more than once. Take your time and make sure that everything is as clean as possible.

Sometimes, you will have dirt spots, even after the best effort with the vacuum cleaner. The only way to clean them off is by washing those areas. You can do this with water and detergent, or use a special foam cleaner, which is an easier option. Spray the foam on a dirt stain, scrub it with an upholstery brush and leave it for several minutes. After it dissolves the hardcore dirt, you can just remove it with a vacuum cleaner. 

Now it is time to turn your attention to the dashboard and plastic trims, for which you will only need a wet rag to wipe the dirt off. If there are dirt spots that refuse to go away, use a mild soap or a dashboard cleaner. It is similar with stubborn layers of grease and dirt on your steering wheel, gear lever and various dashboard buttons. You can also take a toothbrush and pull out the dirt out of narrow gaps between various trim parts.

The last step, with everything clean, is to apply protective care products. For dashboard and all other plastic trims, use a cockpit spray with a scent you like. Not only that they will bring up the fresh look but also protect the plastic from harmful UV rays. If your car has leather seats, apply special leather care products that will keep them soft and hydrated.


When selecting a car, you will find a range of colors and materials options for the interior to choose from. Besides affecting the way your car looks and feels, selecting the right combination will help you keep it clean. Bright colors look elegant and make the interior appear more spacious. However, they get dirty easily and require frequent care. Car interior in dark colors may seem plain, which can be improved by using different lively colored details and accents. Still, all color combos require regular cleaning and care to keep the fresh look and help them last longer.


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