How to Make an Appointment at Walmart Auto Center

Walmart Auto Care Centers offer some excellent automotive services. It’s no wonder they have no shortage of customers. If you are among those trying to avail of these, here’s what you should do so it goes without a hitch.

Here’s how you can make an appointment at Walmart Auto Center:

  • Call Walmart directly
  • Use the Walmart mobile App
  • Schedule an appointment in person

Scheduling an appointment ahead of time is a great way to make sure you are accommodated when you go in for whatever services you need. So, you’ll want to do it right. This article will show you how.

Walmart Auto Care Centers offer some excellent automotive services.

1. Call Walmart Directly

It may seem a little old-fashioned, but the most common way of scheduling an appointment at Walmart Auto Care Center is through a phone call.

However there are 2,500 of these Auto Care Centers across the United States. So how do you know which one to call? Figuring it out is simple.

Walmart’s website has an Auto Care Center store finder feature. All you have to do is enter a ZIP code, city, or state.

Once you hit the “Set location” button, you’ll be given a list of Auto Care Centers that are closest to your location.

For each one of these, there will be information you’ll need, such as the opening and closing hours, directions to the store, and of course, a phone number.

Make a call to that number and speak with the representative to arrange the details of your appointment.

On the set date and time, drive your car over to the Auto Care Center and you will be accommodated.

2. Use the Walmart Mobile App

The Walmart Mobile App gives customers the convenience of perusing and shopping from Walmart’s depository from wherever they are.

The mobile app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, also comes with a store finder feature to help you quickly locate an Auto Care Center near you and provide you with the details you need.

There is also a dedicated feature for setting a tire installation appointment directly in the app with just a few taps.

This can be done when you purchase tires through the app. You will be given two options before checkout:

  • Pickup only – no installation
  • Schedule tire installation

If you go with the second option, you will then have to pick a date and a time for the installation. When the appointment is set, you can then proceed to checkout.

Note that the installation costs between $15 and $25 per tire and that each tire will take about an hour to install.

3. Schedule An Appointment In Person

It may not be the most convenient of the three options, but going to a Walmart Auto Care Center to schedule an appointment works too.

If you don’t already know where to find one, you can use the store finder feature I’ve previously mentioned, either through the Walmart website or on the mobile app.

When you have the directions to the store, you can make your way there and speak with an associate about scheduling your appointment.

Walmart Auto Care Center Services

At Walmart Auto Care Center, you can get oil changes, tire installations, and general maintenance services, with a certain fee for each specific service.


Tire services at Walmart Auto Care Center extend beyond the installation of newly purchased tires. Among others, there’s tire rotation and valve stem installation.

The cost for tire services is generally per tire. But the TPMS re-learn and 50-mile re-torque are offered free of charge.

Tire mounting (specialty)$5 per tire
Lifetime balance/rotation$14 per tire
Road-hazard warranty$10 per tire
Valve stem installation$3 per tire
Flat tire repair (tubeless)$15 per tire
Tire mounting (carry-in)$10 per tire
Tire rotation$2.50 per tire
Lug nut replacement$2 per lug nut
TPMS relearnFREE
50-mile (80-km) re-torque Not including parts.FREE

Oil Change

You can get your vehicle’s oil change done at Walmart Auto Care Center with different kinds of oil available.

The standard, high-mileage, semi-synthetic, and synthetic oils each offer different levels of engine protection and performance improvements and also come at different prices.

Standard oil This conventional motor oil provides basic protection for your engine while meeting performance standards.$32.88
High-mileage oil This oil is formulated for high-mileage (over 75,000 miles or 120,700 kilometers) vehicles and provides protection from leaks and oil burn-off for longer-lasting engine life.   *Use of non-featured oil may result in additional charges.$42.88
Semi-synthetic oil Protects your car’s engine better than the standard oil does but also comes at a higher price.   *Use of non-featured oil may result in additional charges.$42.88
Synthetic oil The special additives in synthetic oil ensure optimal engine performance and protection.   *Use of non-featured oil may result in additional charges.$52.88


Walmart Auto Care Center’s vehicle maintenance services include fuel systems with different oil changes and installation of batteries and various fixtures.

Battery and air filter installations (except for vans) are available for free when products are purchased at Walmart.

Fuel System$20
Fuel System With standard oil change.$42.88
Fuel System With high-mileage oil change.$52.88
Wiper blade & installation Featured wiper blade. Additional charges may apply for non-featured blades.$10 per blade
Air filter installation Except for vans. Available on Walmart purchase only.FREE
Headlight restoration$25 per vehicle
Headlight installation Not including parts.$7.50 per headlight
Miniature bulb installation Not including parts.$5 per bulb  
Battery installation Available on Walmart purchase only.FREE
Battery installation Not including parts.$10 per battery  
Battery non-corrosion Available on Walmart purchase only.$3.50 per battery  
Battery terminal-end Not including parts.$5 per terminal

Why Choose Walmart Auto Care Center

In a nutshell, the 2,500 Walmart Auto Care Centers across the United States offer the following services:

  • Tire installation
  • Battery testing and installation
  • Oil and lube services

There may be several automotive shops around, but Walmart Auto Care Centers remain the #1 option for many clients because of the high quality of their services, not to mention the convenience of it all.

You can bring in your vehicle on the day and time of the appointment and leave it with the certified technicians while you go ahead and do your shopping at the same time.

You’ll be able to stay posted on the status of your vehicle using the “Track the Service” option found on the Walmart mobile app. When it’s all done and ready to go, you’ll get notified through text.

Perhaps one of the best parts about Walmart’s Auto Care Centers is that your vehicle’s service history is accessible in all their outlets nationwide.

So whatever city or state you’re in, you can drive up to an Auto Care Center, and they’ll have all the history and information they need to best go about servicing your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

The long wait to have your car serviced can be a stressful affair, both for the lines of customers and for the technicians at the Auto Care Center. For this reason, Walmart’s dedicated auto service shops ask that their customers schedule appointments ahead of time.

This can easily be done through a quick phone call, a few taps on the Walmart mobile app, or by personally setting an appointment at the store.

These simple steps will open the door for you to the wide range of services Walmart Auto Care Center offers. You’ll be thankful you made that appointment.




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