Where To Put a Magnetic Key Holder on Your Car

As careful as we might be, having a spare car key is always a good idea. Magnetic key holders can make sure your spare key is exactly where you need it when you need it – your car! Once you purchase a magnetic key holder, the big question becomes where to place it on the car.

The best place to put a magnetic key holder on your car is where you will remember it. Hiding it under the bumper is a great idea, but other places work as well. The important thing is to make sure you put the holder somewhere you can easily find it, but others cannot. 

Placing magnetic key holder in a secure place.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover: 

  • The best places to put your magnetic key holder on your car
  • Some tips and tricks to make it safer to own a magnetic key holder

Some Good Places for Your Magnetic Key Holder

Placing your magnetic key holder in a secure place is important. You don’t want it to be too visible to the naked eye, and you don’t want it to fall off the car! Where you place your holder may depend on your car’s particular features. There are a few tried and true options, though, that you might consider. 

Here are some possible placements. Note that they all depend on whether or not these features are magnetic on your car:

  • Behind the license plate
  • Behind a magnetic bumper
  • In your gas cap

Tips for Your Magnetic Key Holder

There is no way to be entirely safe when purchasing a magnetic key holder, but if you do decide it’s worth the purchase (and you will if you suddenly find yourself outside your vehicle without a key), be sure to look for a few things:

  • Be careful which key you place in the holder. The best advice we can give you is to, if at all possible, purchase a magnetic key holder that will hold a key intended to open the car but not start the ignition. This will help ensure your car is not stolen.
  • Your ignition key does not belong in your magnetic key holder. It is far too easy to have your car stolen if you place your ignition starter key in your key holder. Instead, think about hiding your ignition key inside the car or in the trunk. Some people recommend placing your key under a removable cup holder or even in the trunk where you keep the spare tire. Neither of these places is entirely obvious.

If you’re looking for something reliable, this Hide a Key Under Car Magnet Key is a great choice.

Hide A Key Under Car Magnet Key Case Large Black
  • Keeps a spare key under your car for...
  • Plastic construction; will not rust
  • Magnetic
  • Never get locked out again


The best solution to not losing your keys is, of course, to keep them secure and with you at all times. That said, people are people, and it’s often best to have a plan B. Purchasing a magnetic key holder for your car can be a great idea, especially because it can be stored directly in your car. 

Here’s a breakdown of the post: 

  • It’s important to keep the magnetic key holder hidden to avoid theft.
  • Choose a location on your car for your key holder that won’t be easily found.


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