Can You Take a Dog in a Lyft? (Service & Non-Service Dogs)

If you like to travel with your canine companion by your side, knowing how to order Lyfts so that you can bring your dog along can make journeys a lot easier. While bringing your dog in a Lyft will require you to take some extra steps, for the most part, it’s doable.

You can take your dog in a Lyft if you contact your driver beforehand and check with them to see if they don’t mind. However, service dogs are always allowed in Lyfts, and your driver could be fired for refusing to let your service dog in the car.

So, let’s get into the details and discuss how you can take your furry friend wherever you go! I’ll give you some tips to help you secure a Lyft with your dog, and let you know about Lyft’s pet policies.

Taking a Lyft with a dog.

Can You Take a Pet Dog in a Lyft?

Getting around town is hard when you don’t have reliable transportation, especially if you want to bring your pet with you. However, choosing Lyft rides is an excellent way to travel with your furry friend by your side.

You may be able to take your pet dog in a Lyft, depending on the driver. Lyft drivers aren’t required to allow pets in their vehicles, so you’ll have to check with your driver before bringing your pup along. However, you shouldn’t find it difficult to find a driver who is okay with your dog.

The best way to ask your driver if it’s okay to bring your dog is to call them through the Lyft app immediately after they have been assigned to you. That way, you can get a hold of them before they start driving towards your pick-up spot.

Once you get in touch with the driver, you should politely ask if they’re okay with you bringing a pet along. You may also want to give the driver a few details about your pet, such as:

  • What breed of dog you have
  • How friendly or quiet your dog is
  • Whether your dog sheds or not
  • How large your dog is
  • Whether your dog does well in the car or not

If you give your driver the honest details, they can make the decision that works best for them. Some Lyft drivers may have allergies, fears, or want to keep their cars dog-hair free, while others may love dogs. So, if you’re going to bring your furry friend, you’ll have to communicate thoroughly with the driver.

Since a pet dog isn’t a service animal, the drivers are allowed to decline your ride at any time, even halfway to your destination. So, don’t expect every Lyft driver to accept you and your pet.

That said, as long as you check with the driver before you get in their car, you won’t be charged any fees for cancellation if your driver doesn’t want to accept you and your furry friend. If you’re charged a fee, all you have to do is contact Lyft’s customer support and explain the situation to get a refund.

Keep in mind that if the first driver declines, you can always try again until you find a driver that’ll accept you and your dog.

Can You Take a Service Dog in a Lyft?

If you have a service dog, you’re protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which means that you can bring your dog along with you, no matter where you go – even in a Lyft!

You can bring your service dog on a Lyft. According to Lyft’s policies, Lyft drivers are required to allow service animals in their vehicles regardless of allergies, fears, religious objections, or cultural objections.

That means that Lyft drivers could be fired for breach of contract if they don’t allow service animals in their vehicles. So, if you’ve got a service dog, you don’t need to worry about finding a driver. If your Lyft driver doesn’t accept you and your service animal, you can report them on the Lyft app.

By law, a Lyft driver can’t ask for certification that your dog is a service animal. All they can ask is, “what service does your dog provide for you?” If you answer the question honestly, and if your dog is a service animal, the driver must take you to your destination.

That said, it’s essential to keep in mind that emotional support animals (ESAs) don’t qualify as service animals. This means that your driver is allowed to cancel the ride if your dog is an ESA. For best results, follow the guidelines mentioned above for bringing your pet dog with you on a Lyft when traveling with an ESA.

Remember, if you’re caught lying to your driver about your pet being a service animal, you might have your account deactivated. So, it’s crucial to be honest about your dog when you order a Lyft.

For more information about the Lyft service animal policy, check out this helpful YouTube video from Lyft support:

Tips for Bringing Your Dog on a Lyft Ride

If you want your Lyft ride with your dog to go smoothly, you might want to bring some things along and take some precautions to help you, your canine companion, and the driver stay comfortable for the duration of the ride.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when taking a Lyft:

  • Keep your dog’s collar on and use a leash during the ride.
  • Bring a blanket or towel for your dog to sit on. Doing so will prevent shedding and smells from transferring to the car.
  • Bring along some wet wipes just in case your dog has an accident or drools in the car.
  • Inform your Lyft driver of your dog’s name.
  • Bring treats to keep your dog distracted if they tend to move around in the car or bark.
  • If your dog is very large, or you want to keep them in a crate during the ride and request a Lyft XL to get a larger car.
  • Give your driver a good tip and leave them a positive review if they allow your dog to come along for the ride.

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Final Thoughts

There’s usually a way for you and your dog to travel with Lyft. If you want to catch a ride with your furry friend, calling ahead to ensure that the driver is okay with dogs being in their car is crucial, and most of the time, you’ll eventually find a driver who loves dogs.

However, if your dog is a service animal, you don’t need to worry – Lyft drivers are required to allow service dogs on board their vehicle, regardless of personal feelings.




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