Can You Put a Car Cover on a Wet Car? (It’s Not OK)

Car covers can be very helpful when it comes to keeping your car safe from the elements. They can protect your paint job from the harshness of the rain or the sun heat. It’s possible that you might have a few questions about how you can best make use of your car cover, though. Many people have been asking me “should you put a car cover on a wet car?”

The simple answer to this question is no but we’ll dig into the details about why you shouldn’t do this later on. Taking care of your car is definitely important so you want to be able to take the right actions. If you can do things right, then you’ll be able to avoid encountering many problems. Take the time to examine the topic of car covers with me and you’ll be able to learn what you should be doing.

Should you put a cover on a wet car?

A Car Cover Can Trap Water on Top of Your Car

You probably already know that car covers are designed to be waterproof. These car covers shouldn’t let any rain touch your car once they’re placed on the car properly. The problem is that the inner lining of your car cover is not going to be waterproof. This can cause some problems that you’ll want to avoid.

Basically, your car cover could wind up trapping water on top of your car. This can be problematic in several different ways. For instance, this moisture could wind up causing you problems with mold and bacteria. If you’re not going to be driving for a few days, then this could be a real problem. This is why leaving a car cover in the rain or snow for long periods of time can be a very bad thing.

It’s best to avoid using the car cover in very wet situations. Trapping the water against your car is not going to be good for it. You can avoid this by simply waiting to use the car cover until a more opportune time. Keep this in mind when you’re considering what to do the next time that your car is wet.

You Could Accidentally Scratch the Paint Too

You could actually wind up accidentally scratching the paint on your car by using a car cover when it’s wet as well. Sometimes the water that’s on your car is also going to contain dirt. The car cover is going to smear this dirt or other type of debris against your vehicle. This could lead to scratches in your paint job, completely defeating the point of using the car cover in the first place.

It’s fairly dangerous for your car to have a car cover on it when it’s wet. The point of the car cover is to try to protect it so you don’t want to accidentally have the opposite happen. Keep this in mind moving forward.

Water Spots Can Also Be a Problem

Some people have even had problems with water spots due to using car covers when a car is wet. Water spots can really ruin the overall look of your car. If you want to avoid this, then it’s best to be mindful about whether your car is wet before putting the car cover on. It’s always going to be best to check things out so that you can avoid issues.

Having to try to get rid of water spots is not going to be fun at all. This is something that you want to avoid so try to make a conscious effort to only use your car cover in ideal conditions. It’ll save you from many headaches down the line.

So Don’t Cover a Wet Car

Now that you know the information, it’s easy to see why you shouldn’t use a car cover on a wet car. Car covers are fantastic at protecting your car from storms and keeping the paint from fading due to excessive sunlight. You just have to be careful with how you’re doing things. Be careful that you don’t put the car cover on when the car is already wet.

As long as you’re paying attention, this should never be a big deal. If you want to put your car cover on and it’s raining outside, then it might be best to simply wait. You could try drying your car off first using a microfiber towel when there is a break in the rain. Either way, just know to avoid putting the car cover on when the car is wet.

Reasons why you should not cover a wet car:

  • the cover could trap water on top of your car and cause mold or rust
  • the cover could smear the dirt and scratch your car
  • the cover could cause water spots



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