How to Fix Slow Moving Power Windows

It can be a real annoyance when your power windows stop working as well as they once did. Sometimes, power windows will start going a little bit slower than you would like them to when something is wrong. It is even possible that your power windows may become impractical to use when the problem gets too bad. Thankfully, this is something that can be fixed, as long as you know what you are doing. 

Take a look at these methods for fixing slow moving power windows below. I will also explain what the likely causes of your window problems are. This will give you a much deeper understanding of what is going on and what needs to be done to fix things.

How to fix slow moving power windows.

Slow Moving Power Windows: The Causes & Fixes

1. Low Battery

One of the most common reasons why people experience slow moving power windows is due to a low battery. When your battery is low, it will often impact how other electrical devices in your car are working, too. If things are sluggish or just kind of off, then there is a good chance that a low battery is the culprit. Luckily, determining this is not going to be difficult. 

You can take your battery to a professional to get things tested out. An auto parts store should be able to test the battery and they can determine what the problem is. You may need a new car battery or there might be something else wrong with it. Either way, it will not be hard for you to get things fixed up.

2. Window Motor Issues

Sometimes, you will wind up having issues with your window motor as well. You see, your car power windows operate using an electric motor. The lift motor may simply be on its last legs if the window is raising and lowering slowly. This happens over time, and if the motor is more than 10 years old, you should not be surprised by this development. 

Your window motor likely won’t give you any visual indications that anything is wrong either. It will not look any different or anything when you take the door panel apart to take a look. It is simply going to be one of the common causes of your power windows not working properly. Replacing a window motor is relatively simple and you can buy what you need at any major auto parts store.

3. Lack of Lubrication

Your power windows are going to be held in a frame that is made out of either metal or plastic. An electric motor moves it up and down. Sometimes, a lack of lubrication can cause the power windows to go down slower than they normally would. Over time, the lubrication may be lost and this will make it more difficult for things to work as they should.

Sometimes, your motor and the other moving parts will wind up losing the necessary lubrication. This can also impact how everything binds together and the windows will just not work as good as they should. What you want to do to fix this is to clean the electrical contacts on your motor. After this, you can liberally apply lubricant to all of the moving parts to get things working right once more.

4. Physical Blockage Issues

If your power windows are struggling to go up and down, then it is possible that you have a physical blockage issue on your hands. This can be a bit of work to fix, but it will not be impossible to do on your own. Your windows may not be on the track properly or there may be something preventing the windows from working like normal. You can take things apart to get it back to normal. 

One common physical blockage issue is when you develop a worn down gasket in your power windows. Your windows go up and down through your gasket and it will not work properly when the gasket is going out. They’re supposed to keep the noise to a minimum when you are using your windows, but when a gasket is torn, it can create these problems. Simply replacing the old gasket may be enough to fix all of your issues. 

It should also be known that the frame of the window can become loose. This can create a physical blockage problem, too. When the window loses its bind, it is going to have problems going up and down. This can be solved in a similar fashion to the lubrication issues. You will want to get everything back on track to fix the binding issues.

5. Fuse Issues

Sometimes, you may wind up having a problem with a blown out fuse or one that is not working properly. This is usually going to be the case when the windows are not working at all. It is less likely that this is the issue when the windows are working, but are going up and down slowly. Even so, it is good to know that a fuse is not difficult to replace. 

Most fuses will be located in an easily accessible spot in your car. You will want to consult your owner’s manual for your vehicle for information. It is important to find the location of the specific fuse that controls your power windows. Once this is done, you can simply replace the fuse with a new one. 

If all goes as planned, then your windows should be in good working order again. If this does not work, then your problem is likely something else entirely. It may be best to reconsider whether one of the above problems was what you should have been focusing on.

6. Wiring Issues

Wiring issues will also sometimes pop up when dealing with power windows. Do your windows work sometimes and stop working randomly? This could be due to bad wiring. You will need to trace the wiring from the fuse panel to the switch

Once you have done this, you can use a multimeter to make sure that the switch is getting the proper 12V of power. If it is not, then something is amiss. If there are any breaks or loose connections in the wiring along the way, then you will need to repair these to get your windows working normally again.

7. Replacing Your Switch

There will also be situations where the switch is the problem. If your switch is not working properly, then your windows will not be able to get the right signals. This is more often going to be an issue that will prevent your windows from working at all. Even so, it is important to know that switch problems are among the most common issues that people encounter when dealing with power windows. 

You can remove the window switch and unplug it to test out another one. Window switches are very affordable, so getting another one will not be a big deal. Using your multimeter, you should check to see if it is getting the proper 12V of power. If it is not, then try one of your other switches in the same slot to determine if the issue is with the switch itself. 

When this is the case, all you will need to do is buy a new switch. Installing a new switch is just as simple as plugging it in. It is possible that there could be wiring issues as I mentioned earlier. Either way, you will know how to take care of these issues after reading through all of this information.

What Should I Try First?

Troubleshooting what is wrong with your power windows may not be easy for someone who has never done this before. If you only vaguely know what to look for, then it is normal to feel a bit confused at the beginning. Try not to worry too much, though. You can actually make a fairly simple determination by just listening to the sounds that your windows are making.  

Press the up and down buttons for your power windows and listen carefully. If you do not hear anything at all, then you are having a problem with your switch or your motor. When your windows are working, but are only going slow, it is likely that the motor is going out. If the switch is the problem, then you will likely be unable to get the switch to work most of the time.

Get Your Power Windows Working Today

You should be able to get your windows working today, so long as you follow the above advice. If your windows have been going painfully slow, then you will be able to get things fixed up in no time. Most of these issues can be taken care of very simply. Even the more complicated methods are not that bad once you start working things out. 

Simply take the time to determine what your problem is and you will likely be able to fix the issue fast. It is very likely that you will simply need to lubricate your windows or take care of a physical blockage issue. Once things are dealt with, your windows will be working at normal speed and it won’t be nearly so awkward the next time you pull up to a drive-through window.




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