How to Reduce Engine Noise in Your Car Cabin

Sometimes, the noise that engines produce can be disturbing. Not being able to hear the music or even other passengers in the car is really frustrating. The noise can not only be incredibly annoying, but it can also disrupt your concentration while you drive and thus cause serious problems.

But, before you give up on your car and decide to replace it, you should know that there are solutions to your problem. I offer you some tips that can help you to reduce unwanted noise in your cabin.

Simple ways to reduce engine noise in your car cabin.

Reasons for Disturbing Engine Noise

It is normal for engines to make noise. Quiet engines do not exist. But, the problem occurs when those noises are too loud to bear.

There are many reasons why engines produce loud noises. The older the car, the louder the engine. One reason for that is that the car parts wear off after some time. The other one is the fact that, nowadays, car manufacturers spend a lot of time on developing technologies that will reduce engine noise. So, it is possible that older cars do not have a good noise prevention system.

However, the noise can be a sign that something is not working properly. Besides preventing noise, keeping your car in good shape is also crucial for safety reasons.

For example, loud engine noises can be caused by the type of oil that you use. For certain engines, synthetic oil may help with the noise. Also, there are oil additives that prevent engine knocking.

There are many causes of engine noise. But before you start checking everything, make sure to settle one thing.

Check the state of your engine

It is crucial that you make sure the noise does come from the engine and not other parts of the car. These steps will help you ensure that that is the case.

Test the Engine

Before you do anything, you should set your emergency brake. Then open the hood of your car in order to hear the engine better. After this step, set your car to park or neutral, depending on whether it is manual or automatic. 

Start your car and listen to the sound your engine produces. Then start speeding up. If your engine becomes louder as you speed up, then the problem is almost certainly with the engine. If it does not, then it is highly possible that the issue is somewhere else.

Hearing disquieting noises from your engine can be a sign that something is wrong with it. Firstly, you should check your spark plugs. If they are not in a good state, they can cause noise and vibration in the engine. Make sure that all of the bolts are tightened. Also, check if the vacuum and air hose are connected properly.

You should listen closely to every unfamiliar sound in your car. If you hear rattling, whistling, clunking, grinding, or similar noises, then the best thing to do is to visit your mechanic and check out what is going on.

Do not forget the stereo

There is a possibility that the engine sounds come from your stereo. In that case, you have two options. The first one is to change the ground location of your stereo. You should take all of the cables and move them to one spot. Changing the location of cables is not an easy thing to do, so you will probably need some help with it.

The second option is to buy an isolator. Mpow Ground Loop Noise Isolator and similar products will help you to eliminate distracting engine noises.

Check hood insulation pads

There are some car parts that serve the purpose of reducing excessive sounds. For example, there are pads located under cars’ hoods that repress the heat. Aside from containing heat, they can also absorb sound.

These pads can wear out over time. That can lead to inadequate sound absorbing abilities, and loud engine noises. So, it is important to check if they are in place and in good shape.

Engine covers can Reduce Noise

Engine covers have multiple purposes. They improve the aesthetic of that part of the car and help with repressing the heat. These shields can also provide dirt protection. But, motor covers can also control the noise of an engine.

A lot of vehicles can be bought with motor shields. But, there are some cars that are manufactured without these covers.

So, you should check if your car has an engine shield. If not, you should consider buying one. Choose the aluminum motor cover in order to get rid of the unwanted noise.

Consider soundproofing the Hood and Firewall Area

The best way to get rid of unwanted engine sound would be to soundproof your car. Soundproofing consists of putting a certain material that will act as a shield between passengers and unwanted sounds. Products for sound deadening can be mats, liner, and sprays.

Even though sound deadening products reduce the level of noise, you cannot expect them to completely disappear. The results will mostly depend on how old your car is and which product you choose to use.

If your engine is where the sound problem is, then the best way to make it quieter is to put the soundproofing material under your car’s hood. You can also soundproof the firewall part of the car. The firewall is the part that separates the passenger section from the engine compartment. So, it is important to not only focus on the hood of your vehicle, but also on the firewall part.

In order to make sure that the noise is as quiet as it can be, you can also soundproof other parts of your car. For example, you can put the material on the roof, floor and on the doors of your vehicle.

Find the best products

Before you start looking for the best sound deadening product, there is something you need to consider. When these soundproofing materials are close to the engine of a car, their expiration dates usually shorten. So, the first option is to spend a lot of money on an expensive sound deadening product and hope for the best. The second one is to buy something cheaper and spend additional money on anti-grit products. Those products can improve the endurance of soundproofing materials.

The most popular and reliable product for soundproofing is Dynamat. With Dynamat, users have the insurance that the product will get things done efficiently. However, the main problem with Dynamat is the price. It is much more expensive than the rest of the soundproofing products that you can find on the market.

Searching for another effective product can use up more of your time, but it can save you some money. There are good companies that offer easy-to-use products with a reasonable price tag, like Noico Solutions. You can check out their Sound Deadener or Noico Green Liner.

By comparing prices and characteristics you can find what suits you best.

Do it yourself

A great thing about these soundproofing products is that most of them are very easy to set up. You can easily find instructions and soundproof your car in a couple of hours. A lot of the sound deadening products even have adhesive tape on their sides, so they will save you the trouble of finding the right glue. So, you just need to take out the product, apply it, and you are good to go. The only important thing is to know where to put the soundproofing product, which of course depends on where the unwanted sound comes from.

More on Engine Noise

Noises are necessary for the proper functioning of a car. However, loud sounds that engines produce can cause a great disturbance for passengers.

To summarize, your first step is to make sure that your car’s engine is really the reason why there is an annoying noise. If you follow the provided instructions, you will be able to determine the cause of your issue.

Before you think about external ways to reduce the unwanted sounds, you need to ensure that the problem is not internal. So, checking the condition of your motor is crucial. You can verify the state of your car’s spark plugs, bolts, air and vacuum hose by yourself, or you can call your mechanic for a thorough check-up.

The ground location of your vehicle’s stereo can also cause a problem with noise. So, you can solve this problem by simply changing that location. You can also buy an isolator which will help you decrease the noise.

If there is nothing wrong with your car, but you still have a problem with the noise, then you should consider either buying an engine cover or soundproofing your vehicle.




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