The Pros and Cons of Black and White Cars (Battle of the Titans)

Are you more of a bright white type of car buyer, or do you prefer the sleekness of black elegance? When buying a car, everything matters, even the color. So let’s see what’s better — a white or black car. Pros and cons for both are a dime a dozen, so let’s dive in, shall we?

Although it seems as though white is the most popular car color, which isn’t a surprise given how easy it is to maintain, black has its perks as well. It’s elegant and very forgiving when it comes to real dirt.

At first glance, it seems as though black and white are neck and neck when it comes to color popularity, with white having a slight lead over black. But why is that?

The pros and cons of black and white cars.

White Car Pros & Cons

There’s a lot more to car paint than pure aesthetics. When you choose a car color, you’re essentially deciding on a couple of years (or more) of a specific maintenance regime. Therefore, it’s no wonder that people research which colors are the most rewarding and which ones will turn to bite them in their behinds.

When I’m looking at car colors, I look for a pragmatic color that has a good payoff, and, of course, that looks fantastic. White ticks all those boxes, but here’s everything else that goes with it.

White Bentley in front of the building.

Pro #1: Forever in Fashion

White cars have always been popular. It’s a reliable, universal color, which means that it will never go out of fashion. What’s more, white cars are also inconspicuous.

Sure, having a wild colored ride seems like an excellent idea for a minute or two. But if I’m honest, I’ll always take a demure color over a bold, wild one. Whether because of the need to fit in or because I’m merely practical, white will always be one of my top choices.

Pro #2: Practical Maintenance

Moving away from aesthetics, white is easy to maintain. When you’re buying a car, especially if it’s a used car, you have to think about maintenance. Car color dictates the level of maintenance that you’ll have to commit.

White cars are easy to clean. There won’t be any water spots or smudges, and dust usually won’t be that visible to begin with. Overall, washing and polishing white cars isn’t such a difficult task (although it doesn’t give the same results and effects as doing the same to black cars).

Whether you’re buying a new ride or a used one, maintenance matters. White cars are readily available, which also means that you can quickly get a perfect color match to paint over any kinks and bumps. What’s more, some shallow scratches and blemishes usually won’t even be visible (especially compared to those on a black car).

Furthermore, white paint is more affordable than black. Although you might need a minute or two to find the right shade, given that there are so many of them, you’ll easily find the one you need for a partial or a full paint job.

Pro #3: Good Payoff

As I already mentioned, when I’m buying a car, the potential payoff is one of the essential factors. White vehicles are top-rated. Sometimes, that means that you might grab the door handle of the wrong car in the parking lot. However, it also means that you’ll have no trouble whatsoever to sell the ride when the time comes.

People gladly buy (and search the market for) white cars. That means that white vehicles maintain their value to a certain degree.

Pro #4: Temperature

Because white reflects sunlight, the interior of white cars is a bit cooler than the rest of the colors. That is one field where white beats black hands-down. Black cars are known for being absolute furnaces in the summer. Although a white paint job won’t save you from the heat (because nothing will), at least you won’t feel as though you’ve entered one of the circles of Hell.

If you live in an area where heat can get quite excessive, then car color becomes an even more significant determining factor. Choosing between a white car and a black one in Minnesota isn’t the same as it is in Arizona, for example.

Pro #5: Visibility

White cars are more visible than black ones. Those of us who often drive at night know that visibility can save lives.

That’s not to say that black cars or other dark colors are not safe. Still, there’s evidence that supports the claims that white cars are marginally more reliable.

Con #1: Hides Dust but Not Dirt

You’ll probably hear white car owners complaining about how they have to take their vehicles for detailed cleaning very often. That’s because white isn’t exactly a forgiving color.

Although it hides dust well, white leaves all the dirt clearly visible. The situation is somewhat reversed with black cars. You’ll be able to see dust speckles as soon as you put the cleaning rag down. However, a dirty, muddy road won’t leave your car looking like it went through Hell and back. Owners of white cars can’t really say the same.

If you would like to find out which car color is best for hiding dirt and scratches, then check out this article.

Furthermore, white car owners will be the first to tell you that white cars don’t provide the “wow” effect that cleaning and waxing usually bring. When you clean and wax a black car, you feel as though you got a new vehicle after the deed. With a white vehicle, the dazzling effect just isn’t as strong and exciting.

Con #2: Too Popular

The fact that white cars are so popular means that by purchasing one, you’re buying something completely ordinary. They say that white is the color of luxury. But is it really prestigious when there are five or ten identical white vehicles on your block?

Con #3: Visible Rusting

If your car is struggling with its age, there might be a speckle of rust visible here and there. Again, white paint won’t be forgiving to this. Rust is more visible on white cars than on those that have a darker shade.

Black Car Pros & Cons

Black cars share quite a few pros as their white counterparts. And because black cars are also popular, their resale value doesn’t drop. Furthermore, just like white cars, black ones are luxurious, elegant, and timeless (at least when it comes to pigment). But which pros and cons are uniquely black car-related?

Black car Mustang parked on the beach.

Pro #1: Does It Get Better Than Black?

No, it doesn’t. I have one word for you, and one word only — Batmobile. A black car looks more elegant, more powerful, and more menacing (I’m guessing this is a factor for Batman and not many others, but still).

When they are clean, black cars look amazing. But keeping them clean is a whole different matter, of course.

Pro #2: Mud Slides Right Off

Alright, it doesn’t really slide off, but muddy roads are no difficult task for black cars. They’ll come out pretty much the way they came in because the dark color makes the stains less noticeable. The same can’t be said for dust, unfortunately.

Con #1: A Demanding Lady

There are but a few things that look as fierce as a freshly washed and polished black car. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. The shine is so mighty you’ll have to shield your eyes. And when you dare to look back, you’ll see… Water stains.

Indeed, water stains are visible on black cars. What’s more, they pop up left and right, without mercy.

Furthermore, the glorious shine I just mentioned doesn’t really last that long. In general, keeping a black car clean and shiny is no easy task. There are ways to work around this and products that you can use.

Still, cleaning and polishing a black car is a hassle. Because you need so many products to begin with and the fact that you need a special wax to make them shiny should clue you in to how difficult it actually is.

Of course, cleaning isn’t the only issue. Black cars also aren’t great for camouflaging scratches, blemishes, and swirls. Everything is visible (except for the car at night, on a poorly-lit road).

Con #2: We All Love Them (Even Birds)

The maintenance process becomes even more difficult with black cars when you find out that birds love to poop on them! Black cars are magnets for dust and bird poop. I have to say, that really sounds like a horrible combination.

Con #3: It Gets Hot (Fast)

Black color retains heat. That means that a couple of minutes in direct sunlight might mean a hot, sizzling, and humid interior. Those of us who know a thing or two about long, hot summers also know that black cars don’t mix well with our climate.

White or Black Car? Pros and Cons Summary

Overall, no matter which color you choose, there will be both advantages and disadvantages. However, there’s quite a famous saying that a black car will break its owner’s heart. That doesn’t bode well, does it?

Although stunning, black cars are difficult to maintain and keep clean and shiny. What’s more, they get heated easily and aren’t as safe as their white counterparts.

With that being said, I can see why more people go for white cars rather than black ones. Still, white cars aren’t without their flaws. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a new ride and are contemplating your color options, take into consideration everything I said here. Hopefully, it will help you make an educated decision.




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